Faith and Politics: Re-defining the “American Ideal” in Erie PA

May 05, 2017

Inter-Church Ministries Sponsors Spring Educational Event

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 at 10 am

Guest Speaker: Dr. William P. Garvey

Venue:  Jefferson Educational Society, 3207 State Street, Erie PA

Registration Fee:  $25 per person (includes continental breakfast)

Local historian and educator, Dr. William P. Garvey will provide an historical overview of politics and faith – Erie Style – as well as reflect on new challenges facing the City, its next leaders in City government and the impact that diverse faith communities might play in addressing and re-shaping solutions to community challenges.

In his most recent book, entitled: “The Struggle for Power: A Study of Erie’s Political Leadership 1851-2001,” Dr. Garvey surveys the first complete history of Erie’s mayors and politics since 1851.  Based upon this work, Dr. Garvey’s presentation will include a cursory view of the historical events that have influenced Erie politics throughout the years, with a particular focus on the rise of ethnic politics and the impact of Erie’s faith communities in the process.

Join us for a fascinating glance in the rearview mirror of Erie politics, with eyes firmly focused on the road ahead.  Erie’s progress into the 21st Century will depend on all of its citizens — from secular to faith-based — working together for the common good of our community.

To register, call ICM at (814) 454-2411.

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