Voices of Transformation

January 29, 2012

On Sunday, January 29, 2012, over 175 persons gathered at First Presbyterian Church of Harborcreek to sing, celebrate and pray for unity in remembrance of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.  In solidarity with our Christian brothers and sisters in Poland, we shared opatek — a special wafer shared as a sign of peace and unity;  we listened to special Polish folk music;  we heard the Gospel spoken in Polish and English; and we were graced with the company of three wonderful Mercyhurst students from Poland.

Sister Mary Ellen Plumb, OSB delivered the keynote focusing on “The Voices of Transformation” — telling stories about individuals throughout the centuries with the courage and faith necessary to change the world.  Sister Mary Ellen encouraged us to find and use our voices to face the spiritual, social and economic issues of our time for the sake of a better church and a better world.  In her words, “it takes a voice that is filled with passion as much as it is with compassion;  with wisdom as much as it is with questions — those deep and resounding questions that take you to the cliff of truth and give you the courage to step over…until every child is safe, every individual has found their own power, every soul has been lifted from under the yoke of oppression, every broken spirit knows how to quiet their own pain and find joy…and no one, anywhere, is ever afraid again.”

Powerful words and a powerful message…thank you Sister Mary Ellen for your insights and challenge to us to be transformed and to transform our community…one neighborhood at a time…one family at a time…one day at a time!

Let’s be transformed indeed…working together…united in faith!

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