Dr. Mark Allan Powell is the Real Deal!

October 14, 2011

“Excellent session…thought provoking…well presented and with integrity…very provocative…new ideas…challenging!!”  Participants’ words to describe the presentation by Dr. Mark Allan Powell at yesterday’s educational event entitled, “The Teaching and Ethics of Jesus.”  Dr. Powell stretched our intellects as he focused on “Jesus Takes Sides:  A Surprising Interpretation of the Matthean Beatitudes” and “Jesus Thinks Twice:  The Puzzling Paradigm of the Pathetic Wicked.”

A group of 40 gathered in Knox Hall at First Presbyterian Church of the Covenant to listen to Dr. Mark Allan Powell…to ask questions…and to discern perhaps a deeper interpretation of the Beatitudes and a fresh, new cultural context for the many times in the Bible when Jesus ate with tax collectors and sinners (i.e. prostitutes…indentured slaves with few, if any options).  Ultimately, Dr. Powell’s surprising conclusion is that God is on the side of the oppressed…the miserable…the impoverished in spirit…those who have given up on God…the marginalized…the disadvantaged…the dispossessed — these are the blessed ones.  Fast forward to 2011…if ‘you’ and ‘I’ are on the side of the oppressed…then we too are blessed…but be forewarned…there is a cost of such discipleship.

“This was a day of grace and learning.”  Dr. Mark Allan Powell is the real deal — a person of great compassion, intellect and knowledge and we thank him for what one person declared… “the best presentation so far!”

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